Ayaat Prayer

Salat Al-Ayaat is the Prayer of the Signs:

Salat Al-Ayaat (translated to the Prayer of the Signs) becomes an obligatory prayers when a natural sign or phenomenon occurs in the area of residence and should be prayed within the time of the occurrence. If the prayer is missed, it should be made up qada’a. Some of the signs that are observed include:

– Total Lunar and Solar Eclipses.
– Earthquakes.
– Volcanic Erruptions.
– Hurricanes or Strong Storms.

How to pray Salat Al-Ayaat:

Summarizing what was mentioned earlier, this prayer becomes obligatory (wajib) under two conditions: 1) when certain signs of Allah manifest 2) the sign occurs in the place of residence.

The Ayaat prayer consists of two Ruka’ similar, but not the same, to the Morning Prayer above. There are a few variations for this prayer but we will provide here the simplest of all. The simplest variation is to recite surat Al-Fatiha followed by 5 units of Rukou’a, each is one short verse from the Quran. For example, from the second Sura that you normally read in the Morning Prayer, you can find that it consists of 5 verses. We will use each verse as a unit for the Ruko’ as explained below:

Here’s a step by step explanation of how to perform this prayer:

1. Start with the Neyyah (Make the intention: Salatul Ayaat)
2. Stand up and say Aloud: Allahu Akbar

Start the First Ruka’:

3. Read Surat Al-Fatiha (as in item #2 in Morning Prayer)
4. Read verse one of the second sura: Bismil-Lahir-Ruĥmanir-Raĥeem
            5. Go to Rukou’a (bow) then Stand back up
5. Read verse two of the second sura: Qul Who-wal La-who Aĥad
            -Repeat 5. Go to Rukou’a (bow) then Stand back up
6. Read verse three of the second sura: Al-La-whoss Summud
            -Repeat 5. Go to Rukou’a (bow) then Stand back up
7. Read verse four of the second sura: Lam Yalid Walam You-led
            -Repeat 5. Go to Rukou’a (bow) then Stand back up
8. Read verse five of the second sura: Walam Yakun La-who Kouf-one Aĥad
            -Repeat 5. Go to Rukou’a (bow) then Stand back up
9. Continue to Sujoud (as in item #6 of Morning Prayer) and perform two sujouds as usually done.
10. After the second sujoud, stand up for the second Ruka’ and say: Allaho Akbar

Start the Second Ruka’:

Repeat steps 3 through 9 as you did in First Ruka’ to perform the Second Ruka’. After the second sojoud:
11. Say the Tashah-hood (as in 7A of the Morning Prayer).
12. Say the Tas-leem (as in 7B of the Morning Prayer).


This ends Salat Al-Ayaat.