Lawfulness of Gelatin

Q. What is your opinion on the lawfulness of gelatin that is found in many foods, especially those that contain beef gelatin with the word (Halal) showing on the containers? Is this enough to consider them lawful to eat?

A. It is ascertained that gelatin undergoes a ‘chemical’ transformation before it settles into its final state. This change from one state to another is considered one of the means of purification; thus, gelatin becomes Halal and is considered pure and lawful to eat. In a more general description, when a food product undergoes transformation which changes its attributes to the point that it becomes a totally different product then it is no longer Haram. This transformation is called "Istihalah".

Based on this opinion, gelatin would be Halal, because it results from the hydrolysis (reaction with water) of animal collagen.

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