Managing Zakat & Parents

How do I manage my zakat? Is helping my old parents who need the money considered a part of that zakat and what assets do I pay zakat on?

You cannot pay your zakat to your parents or to your family and kids (if you have any) because it is an Islamic duty upon you to take care of them and provide for them from your own money not religious money.

التصرف باموال الزكاة

س: كيف اتصرف باموالي من الزكاة .. فأنا اساعد والديّ العجوزين وهما بحاجة للمال فكيف اساعدهما ومن اي سهم؟

ج: لا يمكنك دفع زكاتك لوالديك ولا لاولادك ولا لزوجتك لأنهم واجبو النفقة عليك من اموالك الشخصية.

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