How To Pray

Prayers Made Easy:

Do you have a rough time performing your daily prayers? Do you have difficulties understanding what you are saying? Do you feel you have to say too much? Suffer no more! What you need to know is that you are probably praying the full prayer with all the mustahabat (recommended acts) included. What you also need to know is that your daily prayer can be only made of the required steps without adding the mustahabat. This should make your prayers a lot easier to follow and a lot easier to understand.

Under usual circumstances, we learn the daily prayers from our family members, school, friends, or someone we met at the mosque. When they teach us the prayer, they teach us everything they learned including the few extra steps that are not required or non obligatory (wajibat) but, like we mentioned earlier, are known as the recommended steps (al-mustahabat).

Because of all the extras in the prayers, some of us may start slowing down their learning or lose interest in knowing what they are learning. We want to make sure you understand the minimum requirements for the obligatory prayers so that you can try it yourself and maintain it daily.

The five daily prayers are:

Prayer      Arabic Name    Time Performed                      Ruka’s 

Morning     Al-Fajr             Between dawn and sunrise                  2

Noon        Thohr             A few minutes after the high noon
(mid day between sunrise & sunset)      4

Afternoon    Asr              After the Noon Prayer till sunset            4

Sunset     Maghrib           A few minutes after sunset till midnight   3

Evening     Isha              After the Sunset Prayer till midnight        4
If you know how to pray the Morning Prayer then the others become easy to do.

Just remember that step 7B (Tas-leem) is the seal of the prayer. It is how you end the prayer as if you’re saying goodbye. So if you are doing the Noon, Afternoon, Sunset or Evening Prayers then step 8 cannot be at the end of the second Ruka’ and must be at the end of the last Ruka’, be it the third or fourth.

Tas-leem ends the second Ruka’ only in the Morning Prayer. It ends the third Ruka’ in the Sunset (Maghrib) Prayer and it end the fourth Ruka’ in the Noon (thohr), Afternoon (Asr), and Evening (Isha) Prayers.