Sunset Prayer

The Sunset Prayer (Maghrib Prayer) consists of three Ruka’s or units. Again, we will include the obligatory steps without the few extra steps that are not required (al-mustahabat) to complete each prayer.

Remember, it is best to make the prayers at the beginning of each time. The rewards are higher for not delaying them.

– The time of the Sunset Prayer (or Maghrib Prayer) is anytime after the Sunset Prayer and until Midnight (mid point between sunset and dawn), but it must be made before the Evening Prayer.

– It is good to remember that step 7B (Tas-leem) is the seal of the prayer. With it we end the prayer as if we are saying goodbye. So for this prayer it is at the end of the third unit because it must be at the end of the last Ruka’.


1-    Start with the Neyyah or (The intention to do the prayer) (ex: I pray the Thuhr Prayer seeking nearness to Allah; or the Asr Prayer; or the Isha’s Prayer)

2-    Stand up, Raise palms near your ears, and Say Aloud: Allahu Akbar (That’s Takbiratul-Ehram)

Standing up, Start the First Ruka’ or First Unit:

3-    Read Surat Al-Fatiha (here’s the arabic transliteration):


Al-Ĥamdu Lil-lahi Rubbil-Ālameen


Maliki Yawmid-Deen

Ey-yaka Na`budu Wa Ey-yaka Nes-ta’een


Şirāţal-La-theena An`amta `Alayhim

Ghayril-Magh-doobi `Alayhim Walad-Dahl-leen

4-    Read a Second Short Surah (here’s Al-Ikhlas translitaration):


Qul Who-wal La-who Aĥad

Al-La-whoss Summud

Lam Yalid Walam You-led

Walam Yakun La-who Kouf-one Aĥad

5-    Rukou’a: Bend your back forward with both hands on your knees and say: Subhanal-Lah (three times), then Stand Up and say: Allaho Akbar

6-    Sujoud: kneel with both hands on the floor then place your forehead on the floor and say: Subhanal-Lah (three times), then Sit Up and say: Allaho Akbar. Then again put both hands on the floor then place your forehead on the floor and say: Subhanal-Lah (three times), then Sit Up and say: Allaho Akbar.

Stand Up and Start the Second Ruka’ or Second Unit:

Repeat 3 through 6, then while still sitting add the following:

7A-   Tashah-hood: While sitting say: Ash-hadu an la ilaha illal-lahu wahda-who la sharika lah, wa-ash-hadu an-na Muhammadan ‘Abdu-who wara-sooluh, Alla humma sul-lee ‘ala Muhammadin wa alee Muhammad.

Stand Up and Start the Third Ruka’ or Third Unit:

8-    Say: Subhanal-lah  –  Wal-hamdu-lil-lah  –  Wala Ilaha Illal Lah  –  Wal-la-who Akbar.

9-    Repeat 5 (Rukou’a) and 6 (Sujoud), then do 7A (Tashah-hood).

10-  End the prayer with Tas-leem (As-salamu Alaykum Wa Rah-matullahi Wa Barakatuh).


This ends the Sunset Prayer.